Who We Are

About Us

Taranaki Adult Literacy Services is a not-for-profit organisation whose aim is quality provision of adult basic education.

  • We provide learning assistance to people with literacy, numeracy and learning problems at no cost to the learner.
  • We assist students with literacy problems to pass the New Zealand Learner Licence test.
  • We encourage our students to formulate their own goals and fulfil their potential.
  • We train tutors and match them to those in need of learning assistance.
  • We respect the individuals desire for confidentiality.
  • We consider that literacy is a basic human right of all New Zealanders regardless of age, race, disability, religious affiliation or political persuasion.

Taranaki Adult Literacy Services is committed to:

  • providing literacy assistance which addresses individual needs;
  • building on each learner's knowledge and experience;
  • enabling learners to gain confidence and skills to be independent citizens;
  • providing 1 to 1 and group learning opportunities;
  • offering a confidential service;
  • quality training of all tutors;
  • giving ongoing support to tutors and providing ongoing professional development opportunities;
  • working with community groups and organisations to provide Adult and Community Education opportunities in Taranaki.


1996 Taranaki Adult Literacy and English Language Tuition Service was formed.

2004 Taranaki Adult Literacy services became an independent organisation.

2006 Taranaki Adult Literacy Services became an incorporated society.

2008 Taranaki Adult Literacy Services became a registered charity.

Mission Statement

To provide quality adult literacy and learning assistance to adults throughout Taranaki at no cost to the learner.


We recognise the right of all individuals to have the opportunity through literacy services to achieve their potential as members of our community. We are a bicultural organisation recognising the Treaty of Waitangi and guided by Manaaki Tangata to meet the needs of our multi- cultural community. We work together to provide quality, accessible and flexible services that are responsive to our students needs and empower our learners.

We are a professional charitable organisation. In our work we are guided by the principles of Manaakitanga(nurturing) Pukengatanga (skills) Whanaungatanga (relationships) Ukaipotanga(Identity) Kotahitanaga (togetherness) and Ngakau mahaki (Compassion).